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Papa Beauty

Papa Beauty is a technical education program aimed at health, beauty and well-being professionals. This educational program aims to build technical, practical and scientific knowledge, applied to a new generation of professionals in the beauty sector.

Its innovative and robust approach provides students with contact with new technologies and an extended practical experience. Program based on innovation, strategic management and multidisciplinarity.

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Educational program in Portuguese and Spanish for 24 classes in 5 countries.



The schedule of international classes will start in April 2022.



The first modules will be online (e-learning) for all classes.


In Person

There will be 3 face-to-face modules over 3 days, starting in August 2022.

Program Goals

Prioritize the practical, technical and academic essences of the beauty sector, with special attention to innovation and the acquisition of experience with practical activities.

Expand the technical-scientific vision and perception of health, beauty and well-being professionals. Generate a unique experience for professionals in the new beauty sector, in addition to discovering new talents for teaching.

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Hair Therapy Module


Cosmetology and new technologies applied to hair, interpretation of bases, carrier emulsions. Fiber relationships and connections with the capillary system, active ingredients for fiber repair and scalp treatment. A new perception of the capillary schedule.

Introduction to hair therapy

Basic trichology and the principles of hair therapy. Hair repair and nutrition strategies. The impact of bodily systems and cosmeceutical studies.

Complementary therapies

Introduction to aromatherapy and clay therapy. Studies of the properties of vegetable oils, essential oils and clays. Particularities and safety factors regarding forms of use and application in health, beauty and well-being rituals (construction of protocols).

In 2022, Papa Beauty will have 24 classes in five countries in both South America and Europe:


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Artistic Module


Harmonization and structuring for gala, party, brides, bridesmaids and bridesmaids hairstyles.

Female cut

Characterization and determination of geometric features for short, medium and long cuts in curly, wavy and straight hair.

Male cut

Barbershop techniques, cuts and procedures for characterization and definition of beard, hair and mustache, with resources for styling and finishing.

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Hair Chemistry Module

Curly Expert

Practical study of the mechanisms for modifying hair shapes and textures. Permanent wave and curl and frizz recovery systems. Finishing and styling techniques. Complementary studies of the new generation of chemical components for hair structure modification.

Total Liss

Hair straighteners and study of hair fiber modifiers for induction of smooth effect. Construction of technical language and practical improvement of straightening procedures with conventional mechanisms and the new generation of hair straighteners.

The Game Colors

Colorimetry in a new approach. Techniques of highlights and effects of holograms. Correction strategies and color matching. Extended interpretation of oxidation levels and management of bleaching processes with the PLEX strategy.

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Alumni Testimonials

Check out the testimonies of students who had their perspectives and professional realities transformed by Papa Beauty over the past few years.

In 2022, in its sixth edition, the program will feature very enriching international contributions. It will be a valuable opportunity to understand how the same techniques and knowledge are applied, but in different cultural contexts.

Sponsorship and Support

Celso Martins Junior

Technical Direction

Celso Martins Junior

Chemist and specialist in Strategic Marketing, postgraduate in Cosmetology with extension in Trichology from Univ. of Princeton (TRI), USA. Master in Industrial Processes from the Technological Research Institute (IPT) at USP. Doctoral student in Science and Technology at Unesp. He holds an MBA in Cosmetology with an extension in Organic Cosmetics from Escola Balear da Univ. of Mallorca, Spain. Vice-president of the Brazilian Academy of Trichology (ABT), certified by the International Association of Trichologists (IAT). He is a counselor at the National School of Integrative Therapies in Brazil (Enati).

Cristina Muñoz

Remarkable educator in the Spanish technical and artistic markets, with extensive experience accumulated as director of education at Kérastase in Spain.

Cristina Muñoz

Norma López Enciso

Commercial engineer and hair therapist with extensive expertise in microneedling and photobiomodulation. Coordinator of the Grandha Technical Team in Paraguay.

Profª. Norma López Enciso

Fernando Henriques

Coordinator and director of Grandha in Portugal for 12 years, he constantly travels across the country as a technical educator in hair salons, clinics and institutes.

Fernando Henriques

Porto, Portugal

International Ambassadors and Coordinators

Isabel Henriques

Coordinator of care and logistics operations in southern Portugal, she travels constantly as a technical educator in salons, clinics and hair institutes across the country.

Isabel Henriques

Lisbon, Portugal
Claudia Fröhlich

Visagist from the Tony & Guy Academy, she is a specialist in color and curl design. With over 35 years of experience, she was a master technician at L'Óreal Brasil and, since 2013, she has directed her own salon in Switzerland.

Claudia Fröhlich

Roberta Rocha

Chemical engineer, with a master's and doctorate degree in Polymer Technology from UFRJ. She is a hair therapist, researcher and ENATI coordinator in Colombia.

Dra. Roberta Rocha

Claudia Matos

Visagist, hair therapist and trichologist in charge at Centro Médico Forjaz de Sampaio, Azores. She has a master's certification in phototherapy from the Napoleon Hill foundation.

Profª. Claudia Matos

Azores, Portugal
Claudio Terribile

Color designer by the Academy of Experts in Naples, he is the technical-artistic director of his own salon in Italy, educator and author of the book "Applied Colorimetry".

Claudio Terribile


Papa Beauty 2022 Classes

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Course: R$ 2,300.00
Material: R$ 590.00


Latin America
Course: USD 750.00
Material: USD 140.00


Course: € 690.00
Material: € 100.00



Whatsapp (Brazil): +55 (11) 96707-5983